The Reese LLP Difference

Reese LLP litigates on behalf of everyday consumers and individuals, large and small investors, and small business owners. The attorneys of Reese are litigators with years of experience in federal and state court — ranging on matters from consumer protection and securities fraud to antitrust and civil rights. Litigating class actions, as well as individual matters, across the nation, Reese LLP is a force for change when it comes to public health and corporate reform, as well as protecting the environment and your civil liberties.

Reporting A Case

Have You Been a Victim of Fraud, Deceit or Misrepresentation? Whether it is consumer fraud, corporate wrongdoing or violation of your rights, the attorneys of Reese LLP are ready, willing and able to thoroughly investigate and prosecute all meritorious claims on your behalf.

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Portfolio Monitoring Services

Reese LLP offers specialized monitoring services of financial portfolios to both large and small clients. As watchdogs to your investments we track whether any stocks or mutual funds, for instance, have fallen prey to securities fraud, insider trading or any other wrongdoing that has affected the value of your financial investments. We offer this customized asset protection and recovery service to private and public entities alike. As part of this monitoring service we also offer tailored reports regarding 1) legal trends; 2) industry developments; and 3) your shareholder rights. Should questionable fluctuations of any of your securities within your portfolio occur, we will further investigate whether losses are recoverable and litigate accordingly. The monitoring services offered by Reese LLP will further assist you in actively fulfilling your fiduciary and financial obligations in managing your portfolio.

Latest News and Information

  • Michael Reese quoted in Daily Journal regarding "Greenwashing" class actions
  • Reese LLP appointed lead counsel in antitrust action against tomato processors
  • Reese LLP achieves victory in defeating motion to dismiss RICO claims in mortgage fraud action against Wells Fargo