Reese LLP represents clients in a wide array of class actions involving Consumer Fraud, Antitrust and Securities law violations.

Cases: Greenwashing


This class action lawsuit – one of the first of its kind – takes SC Johnson to task for its “greenwashing” sales tactics. SC Johnson promoted many of its products, including Windex, with a “Greenlist” package label designed to give the appearance of third-party approval for the environmental safety and sustainability of its products. In fact, the Greenlist label and the rating system it represents was conceived and developed by SC Johnson itself in order to boost sales and cut manufacturing costs, even as SC Johnson continues to include dangerous and toxic chemicals in its product formulas. Reese LLP brought this groundbreaking lawsuit to end SC Johnson’s deceptive practices and recover losses for consumers who were tricked into buying Windex based on the belief that it was a safe, environmentally friendly household product.

Fiji Water

On behalf of a nationwide class, Reese LLP brought a lawsuit against Fiji Water to stop its deceptive “greenwashing” practice. The complaint alleged Fiji misled consumers with regard to the environmental soundness of its bottled water product by placing a deceptive “Green Drop” label on the bottle, stating that “Every Drop is Green,” and pointing consumers to a dubious website entitled “FijiGreen.”

International Paper Company & the Sustainable Forestry Initiative

Reese LLP is currently investigating a potential class action lawsuit against the International Paper Company and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) for deceptive and misleading eco-labeling. SFI labeling dupes conscientious consumers into making purchases based on the belief that “SFI-certified” products are green and sustainable. SFI presents itself as a third party organization that is fully independent, charitable, and non-profit, and SFI boasts that its certification is backed by rigorous third party audits. In reality, SFI is a creation of major paper and timber companies, and the audit standards for certification are incredibly lenient.